This Is a Photograph of Me - Excerpt

This Is a Photograph of Me

This Is a Photograph of Me is a video poem co-directed by Rachel Zolf and Erika MacPherson in 1996, using Margaret Atwood’s poem of the same title as a script. Through a combination of Super 8 film and Hi8 video they create a gentle visual meandering—the landscape, water, and cabin as metaphors for body, and how we are placed, and place ourselves, psychologically in space.

This Is a Photograph of Me was commissioned by Norflicks Productions and aired on Bravo! Television Network, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and The Women’s Television Network. It also screened at Montréal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Cultures Winnipeg/New York, Cinemathèque Winnipeg, Arts West Brandon, Cinemathèque Québécoise, PoolsideTV (Winnipeg), DUTV (Philadelphia), and University of Windsor. The video was voted one of Best of Bravo!FACT videos and purchased by the Winnipeg Art Gallery.